Who is faiththink.org and Calvert Biblical Institute?

3 min readApr 10, 2022


For all of its Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide bluster, much of Protestant Christianity within the last century has not shaped the people of the church to be scholars of the Scriptures (or much else), nor has it cultivated within itself a practice of critical thought and intelligent, productive dialogue about faith and its intersection with the very real social problems of the day.

Unfortunately, the modern church’s understanding of the Scriptures appears to rest largely upon loose, paraphrased translations, popular “facebook” theology, and endless, erroneous arguments about “end times” eschatology. Within the church at large, there is little, if any, understanding of the Ancient Near Eastern origins of the Scriptures and the corresponding linguistic and socio-historical contexts necessary for translation and interpretation. Moreover, churches rarely educate and/or equip their attendees to think and dialogue critically; leaving them unable to engage society and the public arena with intelligent, articulate, reasoned discussion of how faith integrates with social and physical existence.

Calvert Biblical Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (CBI) seeks to establish a more historically and textually accurate understanding of biblical texts, faith, and praxis within American and Western Hemisphere Christianity.​

To this end, CBI serves as a research and educational institution for the study of religious history, languages, cultures, and texts, and their present sociological applications, primarily within Abrahamic and Judaeo-Christian traditions. ​

This mission is accomplished in four primary ways:

​1. Through research and analysis of issues affecting religion and society.

2. Through the writing and publishing of the FAITHTHINK.ORG website, books and articles by CBI, its faculty, academic partners, and associated scholars.

3. Through the creation and presentation of classes, curriculum, and education projects by CBI, its faculty, academic partners, and associated scholars.

4. The development and support of organizations, fellowships, churches, congregations, and assemblies focused on examining what they believe, why they believe it, and how faith is integrated with our present society.

About the Founder/Executive Director:

Brian Wright is a biblical scholar and author, he has spent two decades investigating the Ancient Near Eastern languages, cultures, and history that birthed Judaism and Christianity. He holds a Master of Religious Education in Middle Eastern Studies, has studied sociology and religion at Oxford Graduate School, and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. Following this, he intends further post-graduate and doctoral study in ancient languages, biblical interpretation, and sociology of religion. In addition to numerous articles and blog contributions, his published works include:

Blood & Seed: What Is The Eden Story Really Telling Us?

What the Biblical Text Actually Says About Speaking in Tongues

The Great Yet Completely Misunderstood Commission of Jesus

What the Text Says: Perspectives on Hermeneutics and the Interpretation of Texts

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